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Unleashing Creativity with REACHMAT: Revolutionizing Automotive Graphics and Custom Paint Stencils

Updated: Dec 4, 2023


Welcome to the world of custom automotive graphics, where creativity meets technology! Today, we're exploring the innovative REACHMAT by, a game-changer in the realm of automotive graphics and custom paint stencils. Perfect for use with Cricut machines, REACHMAT opens up a universe of possibilities for car enthusiasts and artists alike.


REACHMAT is an Extended Cutting mat that allows you to make continuous designs with any crafting material you desire. Specifically designed for creating Long, intricate, high-quality stencils and decals. Its compatibility with cutting machines like Cricut Air, explorer, and Maker Machines makes it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional creators who are passionate about adding a personal touch to their vehicles. Currently, the REACHMAT comes in 2 sizes Extra Large and JUMBO. For automotive applications, we recommend the JUMBO as this gives you the longest cutting surface to work with Measuring in at 12 inches x 72 inches. the extra large option comes in a 48-inch length as well. We opted to save some money and bought the bundle that comes with both. this way we could design more than one graphic at a time and allow you to cut hood and trunk graphics while you are working with the larger graphic on the side of the vehicle.

Crafting Automotive Graphics with REACHMAT

Creating custom automotive graphics is no longer a task reserved for professional studios. Here’s how you can use REACHMAT to transform your vehicle into a work of art:

Step 1: Designing Your Graphic

The first step in the process is designing your graphic or stencil. Whether it’s a logo, a detailed graphic design, or a text-based decal, your imagination is the only limit. Use the Cricut Design Space software that communicates with Cricut machines to bring your design to life.

Step 2: Cutting with Cricut

Once your design is ready, it’s time to bring it to life. Load the REACHMAT into your Cricut machine and use the machine’s precision cutting feature to accurately cut out your design. The REACHMAT's durability and flexibility make it perfect for intricate cuts and detailed designs.

Step 3: Preparing the Stencil or Decal

After cutting, carefully remove the excess material to reveal your stencil or decal. REACHMAT’s ease of use ensures a smooth process, whether you’re creating a complex pattern or a simple shape.

Step 4: Applying to Your Vehicle

For stencils, secure them onto your vehicle’s surface and use them to guide your paint application, creating sharp, detailed designs. For decals, simply apply them directly to your vehicle's paint surface. The high-quality adhesive vinyls found at are a perfect choice as the products ensure a lasting application that withstands the elements. we have a tutorial video coming soon on how to apply graphics to your car properly. you can also find tutorials on as well

Endless Possibilities

With REACHMAT, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Personalized Logos: Brand your vehicle with a custom logo that reflects your personality or business.

  • Artistic Designs: From flames and skulls to intricate patterns, add a unique artistic touch to your vehicle.

  • Text and Numbers: Create custom text or numbers for racing cars, show cars, or just to make a statement.

  • Themed Wraps: Design thematic wraps for events, promotions, or just for fun.


REACHMAT by is revolutionizing the way we think about automotive graphics and custom paint jobs. Its compatibility with Cricut machines makes it accessible to everyone, from DIY enthusiasts to professional designers. So, gear up, get creative, and transform your vehicle into a moving masterpiece with REACHMAT!

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Dive into the World of Customization with REACHMAT!

Are you ready to revamp your ride with some eye-catching graphics? Hustle-N-Rust, in collaboration with, presents an exclusive offer on REACHMAT – your gateway to endless creativity and flawless automotive graphics.

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🚗 Why Choose REACHMAT?

  • Precision Cuts: Perfect for Cricut machines, ensuring detailed and intricate designs.

  • Durability: Withstands various weather conditions, keeping your designs pristine.

  • Versatility: Ideal for both stencils and decals – unleash your creativity!

  • Easy Application: Simple to cut, weed, and apply to any vehicle.

💡 How to Redeem:

  1. Visit

  2. Select REACHMAT in your desired size and quantity.

  3. Enter the Promo Code HNR-REACH20 at checkout.

  4. Enjoy your discounted REACHMAT and start crafting!

🌈 Unleash Your Creativity!

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a DIYer, or a professional designer, REACHMAT is your perfect companion for:

  • Personalize your vehicle with unique graphics.

  • Creating high-quality stencils for custom paint jobs.

  • Designing and applying decals effortlessly.

🚀 Take Your Ride to the Next Level!

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your vehicle into a work of art. Get your hands on REACHMAT with this special offer and let your creativity lead the way!

Hurry, the road to creativity awaits! Offer valid while supplies last.

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