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Promotional banner for a car giveaway (HNR-01-280LS) featuring a close-up view of a custom '69 Mercedes 280LS on a waterfront background. The car is showcased with a raw, metallic finish and black accents. The banner has a bold, black bar across the top with vibrant orange text stating 'ENTER TO WIN THIS '69 Mercedes 280LS +$30,000 Cash,' highlighting the grand prize for the giveaway.

New Arrivals


Graphic with Hustle-N-Rust logo at the top on a grey background. Text and icons highlight the company's offerings: 'BONDED & INSURED,' 'OVER $1,000,000 IN GIVEAWAYS IN THE WORKS FOR 2025,' '100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED,' 'QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS & APPAREL,' 'WINNER SELECTED BY SWEEPSTAKES LAW FIRM,' 'NO PURCHASE NECESSARY,' and 'BONUS ENTRIES AND MULTIPLIERS AVAILABLE.' Each point is accompanied by an orange gear-shaped icon.
Informational graphic on a grey background with orange details describing the winner selection process for Hustle-N-Rust. The title 'HOW THE WINNER IS CHOSEN' is at the top. Below, a monitor graphic with text explains that a 3rd party sweepstakes law firm conducts a random computer-generated drawing to select the winner, which takes 5-7 business days. There are two methods of notification detailed: contacting the winner's friends/family for a surprise reveal or direct contact via phone and email. Icons for phone, email, and a person indicate contact methods. The bottom section notes winners' reactions will be shared on social media, with icons for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and a disclaimer stating they never contact winners via social media or ask for payment to receive the prize.

New Products & GIVEAWAYS
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