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The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Car


Welcome to the Hustle-N-Rust guide to customizing your car! Whether you're a seasoned gearhead or a newbie looking to make your ride uniquely yours, this guide has something for everyone. Plus, don't forget that every dollar you spend on our site gives you an entry to win a custom-built, Twin Turbo, LS engine, wide-body, 6-speed 1969 Mercedes 280S!

Why Customize?

Stand Out From the Crowd

Customizing your car is the ultimate expression of your personality. From the color and finish to the rims and interior, every modification makes your car a reflection of you.

Improved Performance

Beyond aesthetics, custom modifications can significantly enhance your car's performance. Think faster acceleration, better handling, and improved fuel efficiency.

Types of Customization

Exterior Mods

Paint and Finish

A new paint job can transform the look of your car. Opt for classic shades or go bold with a custom design.

Rims and Tires

High-quality rims not only look good but can also improve your car's handling.

Interior Mods

Custom Upholstery

Leather, fabric, or synthetic—choose a material that elevates your car's interior.

Car Audio

From advanced dash cams to state-of-the-art sound systems, tech upgrades can make your ride more enjoyable and safer.

How to Choose the Right Parts


Before you buy anything, do your research. Read reviews, watch tutorials, and maybe even consult with experts.


Customizing a car can be expensive. Set a budget and prioritize modifications that offer the most bang for your buck.


Customizing your car is an exciting journey, one that makes your vehicle truly yours. And remember, Hustle-N-Rust is your one-stop-shop for all your customization needs. From apparel to auto parts, we've got you covered. Plus, every purchase enters you into our grand giveaway!



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